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Gun Dog Services in Lincolnshire

Clare and her family have trained and owned gun dogs for many years, specialising in working dogs with birds of prey, using only positive reinforcement methods we ensure all dogs are happy in their work. 


 So, whether you have a gun dog as a pet or you would like to work with your dog on a shoot, working test or field trail  please feel free to contact us and we are happy to discuss your requirements.

Working Breed Starter Class Training for Pet Dogs

Suitable for any working breed this class offers dogs an outlet for natural behaviours
(great for relationship building and focus)
Classes cover obedience, whistle work, retrieve, self-control games, hunting, scent work, noise desensitisation etc.  Fun for all – Suitable for dogs 12 weeks and above.
Saturdays 9.30am till 10.30am
£12 per dog per class. 1 Hour Session

Working Breed (Intermediate Class) Training for Pet Dogs 

This class is an extension to the starter class where dogs can learn to listen with distractions, in this class, we cover obedience, retrieve, water work, stop, game etc
A fun class where you and your dog can build a great bond, whilst giving an outlet for natural behaviours.
Suitable for dogs aged 5 months and above that have basic obedience.
Saturdays 11am till 12.30pm
Price £14 per dog per class. 1 Hour 30 Minutes Long

Gun Dog Training – One to one

Heelwork, retrieves, stop whistle, hunting, marking, water work etc. Suitable for all ages from 12 weeks upwards

 Please note we only use positive reinforcement methods.

Price £25 per dog. 50 Minutes Long

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