Residential Programme

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  • No Kennels we have the dogs in our home environment so that we can work with them closely on a range of behaviours, we believe if a dog lives in a home environment then the training programme should reflect this.
  • Indoor training hall
  • Fully enclosed outdoor fields approx 5 acres
  • Fully enclosed livestock field, we have dog-friendly livestock so that we can work on livestock distraction.
  • Daycare activity area –  We have a daycare centre that operates on the farm, therefore, we have a range of different dogs on the farm on a daily basis to work on social skills, daycare has activities operating throughout the day so that dogs can build confidence and learn how to socialise correctly.

Behaviour and training we offer:

  • General obedience – Heelwork, Recall etc
  • Puppy Programmes including Kennel Club Good dog citizen certificate
  • Dogs with fears and anxieties of any sort
  • Dogs requiring socialisation
  • Dog on Dog Aggression
  • Dog to people Aggression
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Resource guarding
  • Excessive barking

What will your dog be doing whilst at the farm?

Our programme is tailored to your individual dog so therefore in advance of your dogs stay we send out forms for you to fill in and ask for videos to be sent if safe to do so of your dog in their normal environment, we then assess your dog when he/she arrives and tailor a programme for your dog. During your dogs stay we work intensely on social skills daily in our daycare setting as well as having tailored one to one training and group class sessions. It is an intensive programme but dogs love it! We are balanced, positive reinforcement trainers.

Behaviour Modification Course for Aggressive, Nervous or Problem Dogs


During your dogs stay we will be in touch with photos and videos of how your dog is progressing, we also build a bank of training videos for you to refer back to once your dog comes home, we insist on a handover session at the end of the programme so that we can transfer learning to yourself, we are also available for any help and advice after the programme.

How To Book:

 Please contact us via phone or email to discuss available dates and prices, once a date is agreed you would need to register on our website once you have let us know this has been done we will then add the programme on for you. A non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking the remaining balance is then due on the first day of the dogs stay.

Collection Service is available for our Residential Training Program,
please contact us for pricing

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